Buffalo Potash Corp.


How HLD GreenPotash™ Is Produced

HLD GreenPotash™ is potash produced using the following criteria:

  • No fresh water – Do NOT need to use fresh water to build caverns underground for surface area, instead a mining plane is created with over 100,000m² of surface area.
  • No tailings on surface – Potash is mined with a NaCl saturated brine so that when it enters the mining plane through the horizontal injection well, Na+ is replaced with K+ and KCl is produced out of the production wells and crystallized out of the saturated brine.
  • Small surface footprint and a focus in reduce GHG intensity – process is less energy intensive as brine is heated through geothermal means and other power requirements are minimized through the use of geothermal energy

Eco-Friendly Technology

HLD Mining technology is clean, green, and respectful to the land. It follows a sustainable development model, which we call HLD GreenPotash™. HLD Mining leaves sodium chloride salt deposits underground rather than on the surface. Thus, the ground retains its mineral content. It requires small tracts of land to inject mining fluid and does not cause any large-scale ecological displacement. The concept of HLD Mining is eco-friendly, and it contributes minimally to the overall mining footprint. At Buffalo Potash Corp, we wish to engage our local communities and Indigenous First Nations in creating sustainable economic opportunities for our potash. We want to give back to our communities by using local supplies, services, and labour.

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