SASKATOON, SASKATCHEWAN – Buffalo Potash Corp. (“Buffalo”) is pleased to announce the previously reported 3D seismic program was completed in June with initial results delivered in August. The final results of the 3D seismic will be delivered at the end of September, at which time a minimum of two confirmation drillhole locations will be selected. 

Buffalo also completed an Internally Generated Detailed Scoping Study and third-party Class 4 (±30%) Cost Estimate for the HLD Downhole Showcase, a temporary facility that will act as a Proof-of-Concept for its patented Horizontal Line-Drive (“HLD”) selective solution mining technology and also provide data to allow Buffalo to optimize subsequent studies and detailed design for HLD mine design. The design allows for Buffalo to operate the HLD Downhole Showcase for at least 120 days with total cost estimated to be less than $25 million (Class 4 AACE) and is planned for early 2024. 

The operational goals of the HLD Downhole Showcase are: 

  • • Create a horizontal mining plane connecting the injection and production wells 
  • • Produce a consistent high-grade potassium chloride brine 
  • • Determine operational injection temperatures, pressures and rates 
  • • Operate the HLD system under field conditions 
  • • Test well configurations such as packer spacing and 
  • • Demonstrate usage of minimal amounts, if any, of fresh water for mining purposes. 

The following 3D renderings depict the layout of the HLD Downhole Showcase. The test will require a 3-well “triplet” consisting of a central horizontal solvent injection well, with the two outlying wells being saturated potash brine production wells. Once the potash brine is at surface it is received in a tank before entering the patent-pending Vortex Crystallizer and/or the open cooling tanks where the KCl is crystallized. A source well will be drilled into the Cretaceous Mannville Formation to provide the required solvent (fully saturate with NaCl in mixing tank) brine required for mining. 

“The 3D seismic shot earlier this summer confirmed there are no geological anomalies that would hinder our initial mining layout”, commented Steve Halabura, CEO of Buffalo. “I am pleased with our progress in advancing our Hub-and-Spoke business model and our innovative HLD mining technology. This will be a game changer for Saskatchewan’s potash sector.” 

About Buffalo Potash Corp. (“Buffalo” or the “Company”) 

Buffalo is a private Saskatchewan corporation seeking to produce potash and associated fertilizer products using its Horizontal Line-Drive Selective Solution Mining (HLD) mining technology. The Company believes its HLD-equipped mine has the potential to produce high quality, environmentally conscious, Muriate of Potash (“MOP”) product called HLD GreenPotashTM. The facility is designed to minimize the use of fresh water and minimized energy requirements, and with a small surface footprint to further reduce the environmental impact. 

For more information, please contact: 

Steve Halabura, P.Geo. 

CEO & Director 

1 306 220 7715 

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